Scarlet, Yes, But Prettier Than O’Hara


Scarlet, an orphan, wowed San Diego audiences when she took the boards as a pre-teen ingénue.  Before long, she spread her stage wings with growing confidence, while drawing even greater enthusiastic fan response.  Her watchful performance “mother” guided the young star from one major stage to the next.  Then, several years into her career, near disaster struck.

Star, as she became known on stage, contracted a rare infection.  Despite heroic efforts, the disease ravaged her left eye, and it had to be removed.  As her performances relied on full sight, Star became relegated to behind-the-curtain duties—a hard blow for any performer to absorb.  Her dilemma became exacerbated when—shortly after her surgery—Scarlet’s stage mom relocated to northern California.

This little melodrama ends, however, with a happy ending.  Realizing that Scarlet served no useful purpose among her former coworkers, her overseers recently arranged for her stage mother to adopt her and take Scarlet to a loving home in Davis, CA, where she joins two, step-siblings.

And, now,” as broadcaster Paul Harvey would say to spice a twist in his report, “the rest of the story.”

As you may have guessed, the “ingénue” of this true story is not human.  She is a most beautiful, “personable” macaw.  Her “stage mother” and our daughter-in-law, Jenny, coached and nurtured Scarlet first at Sea World and then at Safari Park.  Recently, because of her past relationship with Scarlet and her significant experience as a parrot keeper and trainer, Jenny was allowed to “adopt” Scarlet.

On their way home, Jenny brought this extremely colorful specimen to our home for a brief stopover before driving back to Davis, where Scarlet now resides with Kokomo, a blue and gold macaw; Joey, a sun conure; our oldest son Brian; and, of course, Scarlet’s new “mom.”


One thought on “Scarlet, Yes, But Prettier Than O’Hara

  1. A beautiful tribute to an amazing bird! Thank you so much. She seems to be adapting quite well to her new situation, and I regularly find myself thinking how lucky I am to have her in my life again.


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