Inherit The Dead


The young kid from Shelby belied his massive intellect with zany antics, not the least of which: traipsing down a dim-lit dorm hall in tidy whities and a holey, tar-stained T-shirt, knocking on unit doors and, as residents answered, zapping them between the eyes with a camera flash.

He double majored in journalism—our connection beyond being sophomore roommates—and political science; won a Sears scholarship, which sent him to Capitol Hill; assisted in drafting a rewrite of the Montana state constitution; became a D.C.-based investigative reporter and, oh, yeah, wrote Six Days of the Condor—which you may know as the Robert Redford movie reduced to Three Days…: all before the age of 24.

He recently returned from a trip to France, where he was lauded for his talent and achievements.  Prior to that accolade, James Grady received Italy’s Raymond Chandler Medal, France’s Grand Prix du Roman Noir, and Japan’s Baka-Misu literature award.  England loves him, too.

James’ latest work is a chapter in Inherit the Dead, a crime novel composed by 20 different heralded authors, who each crafted a chapter.  Proceeds from sales benefit Safe Horizon, a foundation that supports crime victims.

You’ll find the book at, and you can learn more about the talented Mr. Grady at  Pick up any of his works and enjoy.


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