Still Fighting the War





Slaid CleavesMen go off to war for a hundred reasons

But they all come home with the same demons

Some you keep at bay for a while

And some will pin you to the floor

You’ve been home for a coupla years now buddy but you’re

Still fighting the war

This refrain—drawn from Slaid Cleave’s latest Still Fighting the War—epitomizes the simple truths this New-England-born/Austin-based singer-songwriter conveys in his music.

I first gained insight into Slaid storytelling capability when I heard Breakfast in Hell from his 2000 album Broke Down on SiriusXM and immediately added the album to my collection. He is aptly described on his homepage as “William Faulkner with faded jeans and a worn six-string for a good idea.”

“You get a lot of the man behind the lyrics,” fellow musician Terri Hendrix says of Cleaves. “What you see with Slaid is what you get: He doesn’t have the eyes of a cynic. He has optimism about him through a realistic gaze and writes with a wise voice.”

Cleave’s is touring this fall with dates and locations provided at





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