Bochy draws a full house

BochyOur family became followers of Bruce Bochy, then Padre backup catcher, when his son Greg played with ours on a neighborhood T-Ball team.  Although his abilities may not have been as evident during his playing years, even a casual Padre fan could grasp the range of Bochy’s talent as a manager.  Year after year, Padre ownership dealt him deuces and tres.  In response, he quietly and efficiently worked his magic, arranging the best from the hand he was dealt and delivering a competitive-if-not-pennant-winning squad.

We thought he got a bad deal when the Padres chose not to renew his contract, but Bruce took the brush-off in stride—typical of the guy we met with his wife Kim back in 1986—and went on to win a World Series and two pennants with the Giants.

His peers recently tabbed him best manager in the National League and, this past Sunday, The LA Times gave Bruce some of the recognition he’s long deserved. The article can be found at


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