Busting the boomers

LOVESince as long as I can remember, my generation—the hated Baby Boomers—allegedly wrecked havoc on the American countryside. We flooded unprepared elementary school districts, became the first age group identified as teenagers, introduced the widespread use of recreational drugs, made free love, taxed the economy and the welfare system, and sold out. Assuming some or all of that is true, can anyone point to a positive aspect of this generation’s legacy? Maybe so, according to Leonard Steinhorn.

Leonard Steinhorn recently published The Greater Generation: In Defense of the Baby Boom Legacy, which can be found at http://www.amazon. com/The-Greater-Generation-Defense-Legacy/dp/0312326416.  Here’s a blurb from that site:

While the Greatest Generation deserves our praise for surviving the Depression and fighting in World War II, the Baby Boomers, this book argues, are in many ways as great a generation—if not greater—for how they have advanced equality and freedom at home. It’s fashionable to mock Boomers as self-involved and materialistic. But what really is the true legacy of the Boomers?

To understand how Boomers have changed America, think back to the 1950s—but without the nostalgia. Women were kept at home, minorities were denied their dignity, homosexuality was a crime, and anyone who marched to a different drummer was labeled un-American and viewed as a threat.

Today we live in a far more open, inclusive, tolerant, and equal America than at any other time in our history. And that’s because Baby Boomers, from the Sixties onward, have fought a great cultural war to free America from its prejudices, inequalities, and fears. The Greater Generation tells the story of this generation’s accomplishments—and finally gives Boomers their due.


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