And, in the end . . .

those we loveAs a new year dawns, time to recall those we will miss.

Maya Angelou, Richard Attenborough, Lauren Bacall, Amiri Baraka, Jean Beliveau, Ben Bradlee, James Brady, David Brenner, Jack Bruce, Sid Caesar, Joe Cocker, Jerry Coleman, Ann B. Davis, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Ruby Dee, Phil Everly, Eileen Ford, H. R. Giger, Jerry Goffin, Tony Gwynn, John Henson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jan Hooks, B. K. S. Iyengar, P.D. James, Rick Johnson, Casey Kasem, Bobby Keys, Jim Lange, Tom Magliozzi, Frank Mankiewicz, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Franklin McCain, Mike Nichols, Don Pardo, Harold Ramis, Tommy Ramone, Jack Ramsey, Paul Revere, Mickey Rooney, Jimmy Ruffin, Pete Seeger, Elaine Stritch, Jerry Vale, Robin Williams, John Winter, Bobby Womack, Louis Zamperini, Don Zimmer.

May we recall the richness they brought to our lives as we look forward to new beginnings and, for my personally, our first grandchild.


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