Missing Kainoah

I’m almost to the point of calling the California Highway Patrol and requesting the posting of a freeway “Amber Alert” sign worded something like:

Abduction. Ten-month-old grandson. Believed in company of mother and maternal grandparents. Likely, to be seen in Speedos on island of Hawaii. Considered unarmed and peaceful; maybe on the bottle. Paternal grandparents seeking safe return.

Our grandson, Jake, has been living up to his middle name, Kainoah (Child of the Sea) and basking with his mother and maternal grandparents at their home on the big island during the month of February.

Of course, we think it more than fair that he spend plenty of quality time with his maternal grandparents, but we sure do miss him.

Mom Ashley has been texting daily pictures—in some cases—movies, a practice we understand she undertakes when the shoe is on the other foot. Her thoughtfulness, along with all her other fine qualities, is greatly appreciated and enjoyed. Aloha Jake, Ashley, Rick and Holly!


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