And now for something different . . .

duplessy 1

Despite my affinity for almost all kinds of music, I often get stuck in a genre rut, so it’s refreshing to be pushed out of a comfort zone and introduced to an artist I would not have found but for my friend Margaret Corey. She posted a clip recently by French composer, actor, and musician Mathias Duplessy.

Duplessy, based in Paris but seemingly rooted in India, plays forty different instruments. He perhaps is best noted for his soundtrack work on the film Finding Fanny. I’m most intrigued by his piece Crazy Horse—featuring Duplessy on guitar with three “violins”—and also like his multiple-instrument work on Sambarai. You can find these and other samples of his skills at

On the other hand, I checked out The 1975 after reading an LA Times review, and found them to be a bit too derivative for me. When I listen to and watch the video, for example, of Love Me from the band’s newest album, I see and hear a combination of INXS’s Michael Hutchence, Justin Timberlake, and a watered down Prince. But, then again, maybe being compared to those three portends something bigger in the future. The band can be found at

Another band reviewed in the same edition of the Times also left me wanting. Feels, an LA-based, neo-punk/riot grrrrr band, is also lauded on the website

Maybe these days I’m just more into hearing sounds that are fresh to my ear rather than derivative of original sounds I’ve loved in the past. At any right, I’m lending an ear to  Mathias Duplessy these days.


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