Events of Seinfeldian proportions


Here it is Thursday. I try to craft something creative, provocative, fun, or insightful every Wednesday. Lately, I’ve become a miserable failure at achieving that goal. In all honesty, I got lazy this summer; took off the better part of two months. Not that I was sitting around idle, although Jane might take issue with that claim. Despite her protestations to the contrary, I have been undertaking significant tasks with a Herculean effort. For example:

  • Dealing for several weeks with a recalcitrant homebuilder that has required me to pursue a laundry list of potential fix-it/repair types to address a bi-fold door issue that no one seems willing to tackle. Status: ready to call in the California Bar;
  • Arranging for a window repair company to replace windows with broken seals and a balancer. Status: Two down, one window and balancer to go;
  • Journeying to our second home, which I affectionately call the Desert Pig, to conduct repairs in anticipation of retaining a new sales representative to move our lovely abode at a distress sale price. Status: new agent on board; new MLS working; one atheist leaning toward reciting prayers learned in Catechism class nearly sixty years ago;
  • Responding to an Audi recall for a heating/cooling software adjustment that resulted in our learning that the passenger door panel had been incorrectly reassembled and the latch spring sprung when the collision repair company botched a post-accident repair. Status: Waiting eight to ten weeks for Audi to ship parts from Germany;
  • Receiving a Toyota recall, identified as an Interim Notice, informing me that our Prius curtain shield air bags located in the side roof rails may explode. Toyota has identified the remedy, but the repair isn’t available yet. Status: Rolling the dice while waiting on the dealer to manufacturer the necessary repair parts
  • Finding dead rats in the back yard, only to have our son discover a cozy, paper-towel lined nest tucked inside our built-in barbecue. Status: Consumed the better part of the morning vacuuming, hosing down, and disinfecting the entire insides; need to apply netting to cover entries.

And, that litany only represents the highlights. With all this activity going on (and, please, note I’m unable to check any one of them as complete yet), it’s a good thing I haven’t been trying to learn guitar and complete a fourth novel. Oh, wait …


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